Interesting facts about our specialists

Every day, millions of people use software Belzabar has created. Belzabar Software creates Web and mobile software on behalf of a remarkable client base – including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, Web startup ventures, and popular Web applications.

Our Vision

We seek to create software that distinguishes itself through a combination of
high-performance software architecture and a simple, intuitive user experience.


We excel at creating high-performance systems that solve an organization’s challenges optimally, from performance and mathematical optimization perspectives. We do what it takes to meet even challenging deadline


We Take Pride In

Our Workforce

Our highly skilled worldwide team of more than 100 programmers, system architects, graphic artists, and business strategists proactively meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Our Growth

We have grown rapidly and consistently as clients use us for their more difficult projects. Our Delhi office opened in 2002. Collectively, our experts have mastery of a variety of technologies, both enterprise-oriented and cutting edge. Today, we work on many types of projects – Web-based, mobile, cloud, and more.

Our Clients

We have an impressive list of clients, many of them billion-dollar organizations. For example, several Fortune 500 companies, various government agencies and universities and startups that have sometimes grown into larger and established organizations in good part from our software contributions.


Team Members Worldwide

2 Billion



Systems are Active